The Skylon Tower at Niagara Falls

The SKYLON TOWER at Niagara Falls. Built in 1965 and some will say it was practice for building the CN Tower in Toronto (LOL). This pictures make it look like a spider has wrapped his web around it, but in reality the photo was taken at night with a tree between me and the tower.

First thing to know is that there is a revolving Dining Room with a legendary view of all the Falls at Niagara. You should experience one afternoon/evening at the Summit Suite Buffet. An all-you-can-eat in the Summit Suite Dining Room while below is the awesome beauty of Niagara Falls.

After enjoying the food, visit the observation Decks for a truly unique photo opportunity.

The Skylon Tower is 775 feet (236 m) above the Falls. It’s open year round for lunch, early dining and dinner. You should reserve for dinner. The phone number is 905-356-2651 or toll-free at 1-800-814-9577. Don’t forget if you are dining, the ride to the top is free. For those that would like to peruse their website, Just click Skylon Tower Niagara Falls and you wish is done.

Photo borrowed from the Skylon Tower’s website.
There much more to learn about the tower.

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