• Hunting around, I’ve found some interesting videos of the Falls on various sites that allow me to share them with you. Mostly taken by visiting tourists. Coming in 2017, I am adding videos to my collection of the Falls. I am editing footage that I’ve taken already, but will be adding a lot of video footage this year.

    Is ‘footage’ a good word for digital videos? No matter you know what I mean. This coming from a guy who spent most of his life, and career, in traditional media, radio and TV.

    Take a special Niagara tour…

    First up a video taken by a Japanese tourist. Good stuff!

    Here’s a great video, a little long, but an excellent tour of the Falls.

    This is a great actual rescue video from a few years ago. It took place on the American side of the Canadian/Horseshoe Falls.

    This video is a promotion for the Falls by travel broker Expedia. It’s a good one with lots of info.

    There’s a plan afoot to turn off the American Falls, again, to fix some bridges. It was last shut down in 1969. Here’s some more information.

    Here’s some amazing video taken from a small drone flying over the Falls.

    Here’s another flight video. This time a combination of a drone and a helicopter.