Featured Restaurants of the Week

Table Rock Restaurant
Can’t get much closer to the Falls. No matter where your table is, you are but feet away from the brink of the Horseshoe/Canadian Falls and you’re facing east so that bright afternoon low hanging sun won’t bother you. Open for lunch or dinner. If it’s a light lunch you want in a great atmosphere, you can enjoy cured Atlantic Salmon, and a Caesar salad or a grain fed breaded veal cutlet sandwich with fresh cut fries. If dinner overlooking the falls, with the fabulous coloured lights glistening off the Falls so close you think you can touch them. A 5 course meal to end a days of touring and excitement. Don’t be confused by the dual name for this restaurant, Elements and Table Rock. Phone 905-345-6789 for a reservation.

Chill 443
Now for a completely different vibe “Chill 443” is the answer.