• Winter at Niagara Falls and the Canadian-Horseshoe Falls


    Taken in February 2016 on a cold day. The Canadian-Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls. It looks cold too. The largest of the three falls at Niagara, with 90% of the flow over Niagara Falls. The Canadian or as some call them, the Horseshoe Falls is 54 metres (177 feet) high. The Falls was formed during the last ice age, some 18,000 years ago. At that time the ice covering southern Ontario was 2-3 kilometres thick. Just think about that for a moment. The ice advanced south, and cut huge basins we now call the Great Lakes.

    Then when the ice began to melt for the last time, retreating back north, it left these basins filled with water, we call ‘fossil water’. Now four of the Great Lakes (Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior) flow over Niagara Falls into the fifth Great Lake, Lake Ontario, then out the St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean.

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