• Niagara Falls Photo Tour


    Here’s a great picture of the Falls. In fact, it is of the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls and it stirs some great emotions as you look at it. But sadly, you won’t see this when you visit Niagara Falls. That’s because this photograph has been photoshopped. But it does portrays the actual look and feel of the Canadian-Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls.

    When I do tours of Niagara Falls and area, those on the tour usually insist on spending about an hour at the brink which is 2,200 feet along the crest of the Canadian Falls.

    The equivalent of nearly 1,000,000 bathtubs full of water cascades over these Falls every minute. And that’s after they (those who can) have reduced the flow by 50%. Of course, you’re bound to get a little wet from the continuous mist that lifts up into the clouds. (Niagara Falls Facts here)

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